Silent Room M

Silent Room M

Wheelchair Accessible Acoustic Pods

Getting in and out of the SILENT ROOM is easy: a low doorstep and same level floor ensures that no caution is needed while stepping inside. Measuring 1920 mm in width, 994 in depth and 2,150 in height, SILENT ROOM ensures a high level of comfort and allows for a wide range of freedom. It can be also easily adapted to a variety of activities. The interior can be equipped with seating of your choice which can easily accommodate 2 persons.

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Microclimate helps you to concentrate without you even noticing

  • Thanks to its air ventilation and lighting solutions, SILENT ROOM offers a productivity-boosting environment.
  • The eight high-capacity ventilators ensure a proper air flow rate (400 m³/h) and their low operating noise is just as quiet as the sound of leaves rustling.
  • The combination of the three LED lamps creates a warm and homely atmosphere.

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