Space M

Space M

Space M - a perfect focus room or a peaceful meeting capsule. The choice is yours.

Minimalistic, yet multifunctional Space M is a comfortable solution when you need to focus on your work or run a short one-to-one meeting.

Categories:  Acoustic Meeting Pods | Acoustic Office Solutions | Collaborative Furniture

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  • Space M for individual work can be equipped with a height adjustable desk, as well as a lamp with built-in USB, which will improve your workplace ergonomics.
  • In the second option, you can appreciate the compactness of the pod and hold meetings while sitting on the stools at a comfortable counter.
  • An effective air circulation system will enable you to work in a comfortable way for all day long and run 1:1 meetings. Sit down conveniently on beautifully designed stools or individually selected chair and enjoy the silence.
  • The soothing function of Space M will be further enhanced by door frame and tabletop covered either in laminate perfectly matching exterior walls, or wood adding a sublime elegance.