Why Not

Why Not

Minimalist design, maximum comfort: why not? Why Not, designed by Dorigo, is a collection of chairs with simple elegant lines that reveals a sophisticated mechanism offering excellent ergonomics. Why Not is a chair with refined aesthetic appeal designed for the contemporary office and for living spaces.

Categories:  Meeting Chairs

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The Why Notproject was created to offer a chair with the typical characteristics of technical chairs but which can also adapt to the requirements of living spaces with its new dynamic appeal. The single structure has a mechanism integrated into the seat that allows the backrest tilt to be adjusted to three positions, always providing maximum comfort. Two discreet levers lock the backrest into position and adjust the seat height.

  • The linear profile of Why Not not only conceals a high-performance mechanism but also Sitland’s great expertise in upholstery.
  • The simple clear-cut lines of Why Not conceal highly complex upholstery, where expert tailoring and meticulous attention to details are essential.
  • Why Not offers a vast choice of customisation, including leather or fabric upholstery and a wide range of colours that make Why Not a versatile chair for a variety of contexts and uses.

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