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Ergonomic Assessments with M2 Office

Put simply, ergonomics is the relationship between your daily tasks, the equipment used and the environment in which this work is carried out.

The M2 Office Ergonomic assessment takes into account the individual’s role, abilities, limitations and other characteristics to design a workspace that has the tools, furniture and environment necessary so that staff get the most out of their work day.

Office Ergonomics

An Ergonomic Assessment will be carried out by M2 Office to assess for any workstation and work environment hazards or in proper use of existing equipment. We will also identify areas of improvement by interviewing individual staff members to see if they are using existing equipment to the best of its ability or detect if there is a need for additional equipment.

The key to an ergonomic assessment is education, our highly skilled staff will be able to take large or small numbers of employees or work on a person to person basis to identify if they are sitting correctly, have setup their workstation in a comfortable manner or if they are putting themselves at risk of repetitive strain injury.

M2 Office’s main job as ergonomics assessors is prevention, we help our clients both large and small from preventable injuries such as back pain, knee joint discomfort and RSI. A full report is transcribed which includes a detailed assessment of the work environment, individual anonymous comments and recommendations for both equipment and employee behaviour.

Make 2020 The Decade of Ergonomics

Office ergonomics has come a long way in the past decade; with a greater focus on the workplace as a whole instead of just the office chair and workstation.

Take a greater look at office ergonomics and you will find it also extends to the wellness of an employee. Multiple studies have shown that a staff member that is happy, comfortable and has the right products to be prolific are statistically less likely to look for employment elsewhere and are more productive.

Incredible strides have been made by manufactures who have embraced new invocations and materials for today’s workforce but many employers are still struggling to bring these concepts into a flexible office for mobile workforces.

Talk to us today about a comprehensive ergonomic assessment.