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Sustainable Printing

Transform your printing from an environmental impact to a positive force for ecological renewal with

Forest Positive Printing

What is Forest Positive

Forest Positive is an evolution of the sustainability movement. It offers more than reducing waste or carbon emissions to achieve a neutral environmental impact. Forest Positive practises tip the scales into an environmental surplus.

sustainable printing
sustainable printing

Why Forest Positive matters

20% of current greenhouse gases are due to tropical forest destruction. The soldiers on the frontlines of the climate change war are the world’s trees. One mature tree absorbs more than 48 pounds of carbon dioxide each year. This creates enough oxygen for a human to breath for 2 years.

Unfortunately, due to climate change and deforestation, the amount of trees on the planet is shrinking every day.

With 30% trees cut down being used for paper processing, essential business printing needs to do more than minimize paper waste. We need to maximize positive environmental investment.

What is Forest Positive printing?

Forest Positive printing is extending the Forest Positive evolution into the print space. It allows organisations to actively contribute to more trees being planted than those pulped into printing paper.

Forest Positive printing moves beyond reducing waste and transforms essential business printing from a negative environmental footprint to a positive force for reforestation and ecological renewal.

sustainable printing
sustainable printing

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How does PaperCut Grows work

We leverage our industry-leading expertise to estimate your business printing up front.

Before you even press print, we calculate how many pieces of paper your printing uses. We then convert that into a figure of trees to plant.

Our non-profit tree planting partners then plant your trees in a global reforestation tree planting project hand-picked by you.

You then print knowing that all those print jobs aren’t a deficit on the planet, because you’ve already invested in an environmental surplus with Forest Positive printing.

Then once you approach your original investment, it’s time to reinvest and purchase more trees to stay Forest Positive.

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