Reduce your Printing Costs with M2 Office Technology

You want the best machine and reduced printing costs, M2 Office Technology want to help you achieve this. Check out our helpful guide below on things you can start doing today to help the environment, bring your printing costs down and get the most out of your office printer

Save on Print Costs

At M2 Office Technology, we know that every organisation wants to reduce business costs. Printing can be a big cost, but also one that can be quickly and easily brought under control.

Below are some practical steps that can help you save on print costs.


Modify User Behaviour

Simply encourage staff to ask themselves if they actually need their document printed. Encourage staff not to print e-mails or to only print them in black and white.


Set Green Defaults

When configuring printers, setting default settings to mono and 2-sided printing will significantly reduce your overall cost.


Eliminate Personal Printers

Replace expensive to run personal printers with with cheaper to run shared network work-group printers. If security is an issue with some users, use software to secure document release with ID or PINs. Follow me print options means prints can be released at any printer reducing downtime.


Require an ID or PIN

Install software that requires a user to scan an ID or enter a PIN to retrieve their prints and cut back on prints that are sent and never collected.


Tracking Software

Installing printer tracking software you will let you know, who's printing what and where. Print costs can be allocated by department on the basis of polluter pays.


Initiate a MPS Contract

Outsource your entire print function. A Managed Print Service (MPS) is provided by print service companies (like M2) to manage all aspects of your printing technology. Including service parts and consumables for all your printers, scanners and copier fleet, along with the associated management software solutions.

M2 can help you with any or all aspects of you cost saving plans. Why not give us a call today?

What You Measure You Manage

Many companies have no idea what the total cost of running their print system is. The on-going running costs can be far more that the original capital cost of the printers. There are consumables like toner and drums etc, but also hidden costs such as spare parts, interest, non-work related printing, un-collected prints and then there is time - waiting for prints, waiting for support to arrive and then also the time to administor all this.

Cheap to Buy = Expensive to Run

Many organisations are unaware of the huge difference in running costs between cheap to buy printers and more expensive MFP machines.

With a print audit you can start to get a handle on how much your printing is costing you.

Print Survey

By carrying out an in-depth analysis of your print patterns, we can make practical recommendations which will save you money with improved service levels for all users within your organisation. The print survey will be completed by M2 with minimal imput from you. We will create an inventory of all your print devices, collecting details such as make, model, device description, asset number, location, serial number, device status, toner levels, meter readings, life page count, color vs. mono counts, print vs. copy counts, scan/fax counts IP address, and MAC address.

Following an in-depth analysis of your print system, we can recommend improvements which will save your organisation money, while providing an improved level of service and efficiency to your employees.