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Data misuse causes damage worth millions!

You can avoid this danger with professional document shredders which match your requirements perfectly and which shred your data securely and reliably. The quality of HSM machines will give you this security with their well designed cutting units which have been proven worldwide.

HSM offers a great range of document shredders worldwide – for virtually every application area. In the product lines you will find the right shredder for your requirements.

Office Shredders

Securio C16

Small, sleek and secure. A great shredder for private use or in a small office. With cutting rollers made from hardened steel and a pressure-sensitive safety element.


Securio AF500

The simple and convenient method of data destruction for work groups. The document shredder with an automatic paper feed and lockable stack protects inserted stacks of paper from unauthorised access and shreds stacks of paper up to 500 sheets as...


Securio B24

For increased data security in a modern design. The quiet document shredder with an anti-paper jam function and powerful drive components is designed for continuous operation. We recommend it for use in the workplace.


Securio B32

High quality materials, proven quality - the reliable security partner in the workplace. With an intake width of 310 mm, the document shredder effortlessly shreds DIN A3 paper. It is the perfect device for working groups from five to eight people....


Securio B34

This premium document shredder in an elegant design provides for data security in an open-plan office. Thanks to the powerful drive, it reliably and quietly shreds the incoming amounts of data from up to eight people. Size: Width x Height x Depth...


Securio P36i

Top class, professional data destruction! This document shredder impresses with its innovative IntelligentDrive motor and operating concept and incorporates a touch screen display. Perfect for large working groups of up to fifteen people. Size:...


Securio p44i

The top document shredder of the HSM SECURIO line with IntelligentDrive and touch display. This powerhouse with 205 litres of collection volume reliably processes large amounts of paper and is therefore optimal as a department document shredder....


Powerline 450.2

Data privacy in a big way - the HSM Powerline: The Robust technology of the 400 V devices is specially designed for a large throughput and long total operating time. As a top model, the HSM Powerline FA 500.3 processes bound documents and folder...


Shredstar X5

HSM shredstar X5 document shredder Data protection for the home or the small office. This modern and compact particle cut document shredder with a separate CD cutting unit shreds data at the workplace.  


Shredstar X15

HSM shredstar X15 document shredder...


Shredstar X10

HSM shredstar X10 document shredder Professional data protection at the workplace. This convenient home office document shredder with particle cut and separate CD cutting unit shreds files and CDs/DVDs securely.


GDPR and Shredding


General Data Protection Regulation

Changes to Data Protection Legislation from 25 May 2018, the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) replaces all previous data protection laws and applies throughout the EU and the UK. These simple checks could help you remain GDPR compliant.
  • Do you hold customer information?
  • Do you have sensitive information on optical media?
  • Do you have important or private information stored on hard drives?

Then you need a shredder, you can browse our products in this section and contact us for a price. To help you choose the right shredder, here’s some useful tips.

Choosing the right shredder

Helping you to meet GDPR Compliance

    A typical Small Business shredder for use by 3-5 people. Shreds over 400 A4 sheets into a 34 litre bin at P-4.
    A typical Medium Office shredder for use by 5-8 people. Shreds over 1,000 A4 sheets into an 82 litre bin at P-4. Shreds CD / Cards.
    A typical Departmental shredder for use by up to 15 people. Large 175 litre bin holds approx. 1,800 A4 sheets at P-4. Separate CD cutting unit (4 x 7 mm) - The separate media cutting unit with a waste container effortlessly shreds CDs/DVDs, credit and loyalty cards as well as floppy discs into small particles.
  4. HSM Powerline 450.2
    A robust device for large archives or central station for document shredding. This model can shreds bound documents and folders with 500 sheets per cycle. Volume is up to 530 litres. 290 litre bin capacity. Shreds CD, DVDs, floppy Disks, Cards with magnetic strips, USBs, flash drives, memory cards, films foils, hard drives with magnetic data media Cards.

Why every office needs a shredder

Paper shredding and document destruction is critical for safe keeping confidential and sensitive information, an accidental leak or misplacing of a document could prove to be very serious for your business or organisation.

With an office shredder it can become easy to manage and part of the work routine to properly destroy and dispose of files with sensitive content; for examples bills, financial statements, marketing plans, employee files, client/patient information and even delivery packages which are then collected and recycled.

Eliminate office clutter and potential fire hazards by shredding documents that are no longer needed or waste paper. This paper should then be collected and recycled therefore you are not just helping to protect your clients you are being kind to the environment.

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