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Training | Remove a Paper Jam from your Device

Solution Overview

    If your device has a paper jam, follow the instructions your smart panel provides. If the problem persists restart your device. If the error still isn’t cleared log a service call on

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Training | Scan to Folder

    Scan to Folder Configuration Tool is a tool for Windows that creates a shared folder as the destination on the computer for scanned documents and registers it in the device address book.

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Training | How To Add Staples

Solution Overview

    Learn how to replace staples in your Ricoh Device

Training | How to do a SC Reset

Solution Overview

    You will need the following code to do the reset, Reset Code: 806182

Training | How to Fix an Image Issue with a Copy or Scan

Solution Overview

    Window cleaner can be used to clean the scan area of your device.

Training | How to Get A Print Copy Count

Solution Overview

    If you need to get an accurate reading of how many prints your device has completed then please follow the instruction in this video