Equitrac Office

In order to be cost effective and environmentally aware a business needs to manage is document output on office equipment devices. If left unmanaged, operational cost can significantly increase due to the abundance of networked devices and spiralling output costs.

In cooperation with leading software provider Equitrac, Ricoh offers Equitrac Office™. Designed to monitor measure and manage network wide document output, this easy to use modular solution tracks copy and print activities in a detailed manner so that you can accurately costs per user, department or group.

Equitrac Office



  • Cut printing costs with rules for monochrome and duplex
  • Reduce printing/copying volumes with user or deparment(colour usage, volume) quotas
  • Track & allocate print/copy/scan/fax per user, project or department and charge or allocate costs automatically
  • Optimise printing hardware by routing print jobs to the most efficient device
  • Collect printed documents at any network device
  • Access devices with login, pin or swip card
  • Hide device functionalities on a user by user basis
  • Avoid users printing jobs and not collecting them
  • Single sign on to scan and fax applications
  • Control device access & obtain document audit trail
  • Prevent sensitive documents from being exposed in output trays
  • Manage all devices on the network, regardless of brand
  • Route print jobs away from unavailable devices
  • Receive proactive alerts when a device requires maintenance, paper, toner, etc.
Equitrac office


  • Users can go and release documents at any networked device, anywhere throughout the company and across servers worldwide.
  • Users can avoid lines or print their jobs whenever or wherever is convenient.
  • Avoid waste and toner, paper plus electricity costs for uncollected print jobs.
  • Avoid users sending jobs to unavailable devices.
  • Control who sees sensitive documents and keep a full audit trail on who accessed what document on what device.
  • Reduced costs with rules for colour, duplex and high volume print jobs.
  • Advanced reporting and management tools help keep costs down and increase user awareness.
  • Maximise current investments: Equitrac works with all of current and future devices. Monitor all devices on the network and relocate under- or overused devices to get the maximum out of all contracts.