Equitrac Professional

Get accurately allocated output cost than enable optimal printer deployment and utilisation.

Equitrac Professional


Solution Overview

  • Designed specifically for the needs of the Legal Sector
  • Allows implementation, monitoring and management of a comprehensive print strategy
  • Enterprise-wide cost recovery and expense management, allowing easy allocation of disbursements to the relevant accounts - for rapid return on investment
  • Integrates with current technology, working with existing back office systems
  • Full reporting for accurate accounting on all document production
  • Secure document release for protection of printed documents
  • Follow-you printing - release documents from the most convenient device
  • Rules based printing to ensure documents are printed on the most appropriate device
Equitrac Professional


  • Helps accurately allocate output costs
  • Enables optimal printer deployment and utilisation
  • Simplifies managing and optimising devices
  • Aids in increasing document output security
  • Assist to increase efficiency and productivity


  • Comprehensive activity accounting
  • Rules-based print job routing
  • Centralised output device management
  • Secure release of printed documents
  • User and group level print, copy, fax and scan usage monitoring