A Sustainable Approach to Printing

Embracing Forest Positivity: A Sustainable Approach to Printing

Welcome to the era of Forest Positivity, where the focus is not just on achieving a neutral environmental impact but tipping the scales towards an ecological surplus.

The Urgency of Forest Positivity

Did you know that 20% of current greenhouse gas emissions result from tropical forest destruction? The world’s trees, often referred to as the soldiers on the frontlines of the climate change war, play a crucial role in maintaining ecological balance. A mature tree can absorb more than 48 pounds of carbon dioxide annually, producing enough oxygen to sustain a human for two years. However, the alarming rate of deforestation and the impacts of climate change are causing a rapid decline in the number of trees on our planet.



Beyond Sustainable Printing: Forest Positive Printing

Enter Forest Positive printing, an extension of the broader sustainability movement, specifically tailored for the print space.

Forest Positive printing transforms essential business printing from a contributor to environmental degradation into a proactive force for reforestation and ecological renewal. It’s about actively contributing to planting more trees than those used in the paper-making process.



PaperCut Grows: A Step Towards Forest Positivity

In the realm of Forest Positive printing, PaperCut Grows stands out as a game-changer. Leveraging industry-leading expertise, PaperCut Grows takes a proactive approach to estimate your business’s printing needs upfront. Before you hit the print button, the system calculates the number of paper sheets your print job will consume and converts that into a figure representing the number of trees to plant.

Partnering with non-profit tree planting organisations, PaperCut Grows ensures that your trees are planted in carefully selected global reforestation projects. These projects are not only impactful but are also chosen by you, allowing you to align your printing efforts with specific ecological initiatives.

Printing with PaperCut Grows means printing with a purpose. Your print jobs no longer contribute to a deficit on the planet; instead, they become an investment in an environmental surplus. And as you approach the original tree investment, the journey continues – it’s time to reinvest and purchase more trees to sustain Forest Positivity.


Are you interested in making a change and promoting forest positivity? If so, contact us today!