Office Design & Layout

Level 1: Basic Office Design Consultation

Description: This level of service is ideal for our clients with limited budget or specific design ideas in mind. We provide a basic framework for office layout and design without extensive customisation.

Services Included:

Initial Consultation:

  • Discuss the client’s goals, needs, and budget constraints.
  • Identify key requirements for the office space.

Space Planning

  • Provide a basic floor plan layout for optimal space utilisation.

Furniture Recommendations:

  • Offer suggestions for pre-existing or budget-friendly furniture options.
  • Provide guidance on arranging furniture for functionality.

Colour and Material Palette:

  • Recommend a simple colour scheme and basic materials that align with the client’s preferences.


  • Create a basic design document outlining the proposed layout, furniture, and colour scheme.

Level 2: Intermediate Office Design Package

Description: This level of service is suitable for our clients who desire a more personalised and polished office design, incorporating mid-range customisation and attention to detail.

Services Included:

Comprehensive Consultation:

  • In-depth discussions to understand the client’s brand identity, culture, and specific design preferences.

Detailed Space Planning

  • Create a detailed floor plan considering departmental adjacencies and workflow.

Custom Furniture Selection:

  • Recommend a mix of custom and pre-existing furniture options tailored to the client’s needs.

Colour and Material Customisation:

  • Develop a customized colour palette and material selections for flooring, walls, and furniture.

Branding Integration:

  • Incorporate the client’s branding elements into the design.


  • Provide detailed design documentation, including 3D drawings, technical drawings of customised furniture and material specifications.

Level 3: Full-Service Turnkey Office Design Solution

Description: This comprehensive service is for clients seeking a hands-off approach, allowing them to entrust the entire office design process to professionals from concept to completion.

Services Included:

All-Inclusive Consultation:

  • Thorough understanding of the client’s vision, company culture, and brand identity.

Customized Space Planning:

  • Develop a highly tailored floor plan that optimises every square foot of the office space.

Bespoke Furniture Design:

  • Create custom furniture designs that align with the client’s brand and functional requirements.

Detailed Colour and Material Selection:

  • Curate a fully customized colour palette and select premium materials for a unique aesthetic.

Branding Integration at Every Level:

  • Seamlessly integrate branding elements into every aspect of the office design.

Technology Integration and Installation:

  • Oversee the integration of technology, including AV systems and smart office solutions with our AV partners.

Construction Oversight:

  • Manage the entire construction process, working closely with our team of subcontractors to ensure the design is implemented as planned.

Virtual Reality 360 Imagery:

  • Create a virtual reality model of the final office design.
  • Provide clients with VR headsets for an immersive, realistic walkthrough experience.
  • Enable clients to explore the office space from above and walk through it virtually, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the final layout.

Operational & Maintenance Training and Documentation:

  • Develop a fully encompassing set of documents detailing use and maintenance of installed furniture. Provide staff training on how to use furniture correctly.

After Sales Service

  • Provide repairs or replacement furniture for damaged goods under warranty.
  • Gather feedback from employees after the office is in use and make any necessary adjustments.

These three levels of service offerings allow clients to choose the level of involvement and customisation that best suits their budget, preferences, and project requirements.

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