Printer Leasing & Service Contracts

Business Photocopier & Printer Leasing

We offer a full business photocopier & printer rental service to our customers. M2 Office Technology provides lease arrangement for office printers and copiers, and scanners, the printer leasing agreements allow businesses to spread the capital cost of a printer or fleet of printers to a fixed monthly fee over an agreed time frame. You can opt for a printer leasing agreement that includes service maintenance and printer consumables, like toners. We want to put the control in your hands to get a printer leasing agreement that suits your business needs.

Benefits of Business Photocopier & Printer Rental

  • Cash-flow – you spread the cost of the printer machine at a fixed cost over an agreed leasing term. No nasty surprises or extra costs.
  • Printer Repairs & Maintenance – Your printer or copier will be serviced under the leasing agreement to keep your printer functioning at 100%.
  • No Printer Downtime – Installation of the Printer, copier or scanner is included in the lease agreement. Installing the new printer in a convenient time without office disruption.
  • Trustworthy– M2 Office Technology a strong track record with long term leasing agreements and satisfied customers.

Ricoh Business Photocopier & Printer Rental

If you want to reduce your photocopying costs simply call us on (061) 303 666 or Contact Us to arrange for a free Print Audit. Printer leasing could be the perfect solution for your organisation so why not get in touch to find out more?

If you want to reduce your photocopying costs simply call us on (061) 303 666 or Contact Us to arrange for a free Print Audit. Business Printer & Photocopier Leasing could be the perfect solution for your organisation so why not get in touch to find out more?

Printer Service Contracts

The M2 Office Technology service contract for your Photocopiers, Printers and Multi-functional devices provides you with the toners and consumables you need when you need them, maintenance, servicing, fixes, parts, and labour are all included.


 Do you want a Service Contract that saves you time and money?

We offer a wide range of contracts both in size and flexibility of terms.

Cost per Copy

Covers all parts and labour, toner inclusive or toner exclusive.

Copy Plans

Covers Hardware cost, all parts and labour, toner inclusive or toner exclusive with a regular monthly / Quarterly Payment.

Fixed Charges

Labour Rates

Service contracts are fully inclusive of:


Remote access to in house M2 Service engineers


Toners, Inks & Consumables


Automated copy count updates – no need to phone in




Priority rapid response times for any call outs needed


Repairs and fixes including parts and labour

Our Customer Support and Service Department

Our locally based service department with its dedicated team of highly trained engineers provide a quality, fast and efficient copier repair service.
The M2 Office Technology service department is backed up by a team of 30 engineers and support staff in Ricoh.

A service team of engineers was developed and M2 Office was established as one of the 1st companies in the Mid-West region to support all types of service contracts no matter how big or small. (E.g. all inclusive, labour only, IT support & Connectivity etc.)

We have invested heavily in a leading service management software package, to manage our customer calls for support and supplies. This live system drives the daily activity of our service department. M2 Office Supplies has invested heavily in staff training and has built its foundation in a strong team approach. We are constantly up-skilling our engineers through bi-annual training trips to the Ricoh Training Academy and training on new products to market from Kyocera and HP.

Value Added Products or Services

M2 Office Supplies have an excellent track record of Gold Star Customer Service which we implement throughout our after sales service with no additional cost to the customer. As part of our delivery and installation plan, we implement the following on site training with our clients.

Specialised trouble shooting training given to senior users with back up users. These usernames and details are recorded in our Service database for use when a service call is recorded. Limited but essential access is given to these super users to limit the down time experienced if a service issue arises. Training documents include an example for an end user on how to clear an error code on a machine.

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