Desks Actiu Mobility Double Standing Height Adjustable Desk
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Actiu Mobility Double Standing Height Adjustable Desk

Height Adjustable Desk

Actiu presents Mobility. Mobility allows users to work standing for a few hours during the working day, which has a positive effect on our health, improving our capacity for concentration and productivity.
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  • Desks with fully adjustable height from 72cm to 117cm
  • Simple electronic controls
  • Models available with 4 programmable heights with digital display indicator
  • Different finishes:Melamine, Laminate, Compact Laminate and Glass, scratch resistance
  • Veneered soft edges for greater safety and durability
  • Sliding tops to allow access to electrification tray - single desks only.
  • Accessories: Vertical dividers, modesty or steel sheet skirting, Compact Dividers
Mobility program improves the working life of professionals from all walks of life. Designers, architects, creators or lawyers benefit from a healthier working style by alternating periods of sitting down and standing up to create new working dynamics.

Discover the difference that a standing desk or sit stand desk can make in your workday. Transform your office into a dynamic and adaptable environment with our versatile height adjustable desks.

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