Meeting & Boardroom Tables Actiu Vital Meeting Table

Actiu Vital Meeting Table

Vital has a wide range of meeting tables, individual and larger in a variety of widths, lengths and finishes.
Features Description
Simple layouts with rectangular lines, easy assembly and an elegant design. A collection that can provide multiple furnishing solutions adaptable to all the different needs of the workplace
  • 20 degree, round and trapezoidal configuration options
  • Lightness of design
  • 100% recyclable
  • Easy to clean & maintain with scratch & heat proof surfaces
  • cable storage
  • Optional personal storage drawer pedestal
  • Maximum flexibility
Introducing the Actiu Vital Meeting Table, part of our esteemed VITAL Plus collection renowned for its sleek and minimalist design. With straight, pure lines and a commitment to elegance, the Vital Meeting Table delivers simplicity and sophistication to any office environment.

Designed for versatility and functionality, the Vital Meeting Table offers multiple solutions to meet the diverse work needs of modern offices. Its simple assembly process ensures quick setup, allowing for seamless integration into various workspace layouts.

A standout feature of the Vital Meeting Table is its flexibility in configuration. The table allows for legs to be recessed and tabletops to be joined together, facilitating the creation of quadruple desks, conference tables, or expansive meeting spaces. This adaptability enables users to customize the table to suit specific requirements, whether it's individual workstations or collaborative meeting areas.

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