Desks Float Single Standing Height Adjustable Desk

Float Single Standing Height Adjustable Desk

Height Adjustable Desk

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Float has a unique technology allows it to adjust up or down while accommodating changing weight loads. Built from sustainable materials for years of dedicated service, Float is a highly durable standing office desk. By incorporating recycled steel and minimal parts, it delivers on Humanscales dedication to creating high-performance ergonomic work tools. All Float table tops contain no added formaldehyde.
  • Available in various colour
  • Height Adjustable
  • Simple, single-handed weight adjustment instantly accommodates changes in table top weight
  • Promotes switching between sitting and standing positions
  • Built from sustainable materials
  • Multiple sizes and shapes of tops
Float represents a groundbreaking standing office desk, offering effortless operation compared to traditional sit-stand products. It smoothly transitions between sitting and standing postures, facilitating uninterrupted workflow. With its sleek and minimalistic design, Float seamlessly integrates into both traditional offices and home workspaces. Encouraging the healthy practice of alternating between standing and sitting positions, Float eliminates common obstacles associated with height-adjustable desks. With a minimal aesthetic, Float complements traditional offices and home workspaces.

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