Lynx is a friend to all event organisers of large or small events, for public or private executive audience. It's design is simple and elegant, lending it's versatile usability. The chair leg hides a patented innovative linking device, as safe guard for superfast and stable linking. Lynx meets the new EU standards for hall chairs with its Cert 14703, which not many chairs have. Lynx is certified because of its ridged link structure, providing totally secure link right along the leg of both chairs. If one chair falls the row falls, which is the preferred outcome from a safety standard perspective. Three models, many varieties with optional row or chair numeration and comes with a 5 year guarantee. Lynx won a Red Dot Design Award for its unique numbering system and you can see these chairs being used in Dublin Castle at Government meetings.
Features Brochures
  • Stackable
  • Linking
  • Numbering option
  • Transport dolly option
  • Writing tablets option
  • Protective cover (stack)

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