With mastermind Sedus has developed an intelligent table system that is anything but off the rack. It can be adapted to any room size or shape, and offers almost endless possibilities for customisation.
Features Description
Added to this are the high quality standards: in production, only selected materials are used, and in addition to this, many steps are carried out by hand. Whether for meetings and conferences or in informal working areas – mastermind is a perfect fit for you.
  • Size, style, architecture: hardly any room resembles another, mastermind is simply suitable for every room.
  • Whether table systems or single tables, with or without angles, different top shapes or custom finishes: in theory, the design possibilities with which mastermind can be tailored exactly to your needs are limitless.
  • Unique pieces in series. In contrast to the planning effort, which thanks to the intelligent system with flexible elements is a model of clarity.
Introducing the Sedus Mastermind Meeting Table, a visionary table system designed to elevate any workspace with its intelligence and adaptability. Unlike off-the-rack solutions, the Mastermind table system offers unparalleled customization options, ensuring it can seamlessly integrate into any room size or shape.

With almost endless possibilities for customization, the Sedus Mastermind Meeting Table empowers users to create the perfect table configuration tailored to their specific needs and preferences. Whether it's configuring the table for meetings, conferences, or informal collaborative spaces, the Mastermind table system delivers flexibility and versatility like no other.

At Sedus, we uphold the highest quality standards, and the Mastermind Meeting Table is no exception. Only the finest materials are used in production, and many manufacturing steps are meticulously carried out by hand to ensure precision and excellence in every detail.

Whether you're gathering for important discussions or fostering creativity in informal working areas, the Sedus Mastermind Meeting Table is the ideal solution. Its intelligent design, exceptional quality, and adaptability make it the perfect fit for any workspace, enhancing productivity and collaboration with style and sophistication.

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