Desks Fenix L Shaped Executive Desk with Storage
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Fenix L Shaped Executive Desk with Storage

L Shaped Executive Desk

The FENIX laminate with matte finish makes the whole space elegant and emphasizes the professionalism of the company. The monochromatic desk looks utterly modern, but it will also fit more classical interiors. Advanced technologies such as the Electron Beam Curing are used in the production process of the FENIX HPL. Thanks to that, it provides additional features of the furniture, for example the Fingerprint-proof coating that prevents stains and smudges.
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  • Compliant with standards: PN-EN 527-2:2017-02, PN-EN 14073-2:2006;
  • Electric frame with height adjustment in the scope of 760-1300 mm;
  • Height adjustment mechanism with Super Soft Start-Stop mode and 2 synchronised motors;
  • Safety systems of the height adjustment mechanism: microprocessor with work control sensor, thermal sensor, Intelligent System Protection;
  • Optional control panel with Bluetooth module and a mobile app;
  • Finish: nano-tech FENIX laminate;
  • Fingerprint-proof coating;
  • Optional S91E mediaport;
  • Certificate - MFC: FSC, PEFC;
  • Designed for executive offices
Introducing the executive Fenix Desk, carefully crafted by renowned designer Simone Bernocchi for executive offices seeking sophistication. The Fenix Desk, featuring FENIX laminate with a matte finish, elevates any workspace, imbuing it with an aura of elegance while underscoring the professionalism of the company.

With its monochromatic design, the Fenix Desk emanates modernity, yet its versatile aesthetic seamlessly complements both contemporary and classical interiors. Utilising advanced technologies such as Electron Beam Curing in its production process, the FENIX HPL offers additional features, including a fingerprint-proof coating that prevents stains and smudges, ensuring durability and longevity.

Available in two versions – standard desk or with a managerial cabinet – the Fenix Desk can be tailored to the specific needs of the user or the space. Whether enhancing productivity in executive offices or adding a touch of sophistication to professional environments, the Fenix Executive Desk is the epitome of style and functionality.

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