Office Furniture Navert Tambour Storage
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Navert Tambour Storage

Sturdy as a result of its one-piece construction and practical thanks to its many accessories, NAVERT is the ideal solution for day-to-day storage uses. The cupboard structure has been designed to guarantee optimal rigidity, whilst still offering a high degree of user comfort thanks to its fully retractable tambour doors, as well as a whole host of other storage options that facilitate ease of access to files.

  • Tambour door cupboards H. 100 cm and H. 198 cm Finishes in SOSO, white shell, white tambour doors Shelves held in position with metal pegs Shelves and cupboard tops fitted with a shelf for suspension files Height-adjusting stabilizer feet accessible through the base of the unit Internal cupboard can be configured to store a range of file options, including: box file, lever arch, suspension, lateral.

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