Switch modular meeting tables come in 2 widths 1200mm and 1400mm and lengths from 1000mm to literally any length in 200mm increments.
Features Description
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • 25mm Top
  • Metal under frame structure for outstanding rigidity
  • Build tables from 1000mm to any length in 200mm increments
  • Widths available: 1200mm and 1400mm
  • Wood finishes available: Alder, beech, white, dark walnut, graphite, grey, light beech and more...
The Switch Boardroom Table is a highly versatile and customizable piece of furniture designed for modern workspaces. It offers a range of options to create workstations of varying lengths, making it suitable for different office layouts and needs.

Key features of the Switch Boardroom Table include:

Customizable Length: With the ability to create workstations of any length, the Switch Table can adapt to different office sizes and configurations.

Versatile Design: The table is available in three top depths, allowing users to choose the size that best suits their requirements.

Leg Finishes: The table offers three different leg finishes, providing options to match various office aesthetics and styles.

Width Options: With six different width options, users can select the size that fits their space and accommodates their work needs.

Panel Colors: The Switch Table comes in eight panel colors, offering a variety of choices to match or complement existing office decor.

Metal Paint Finishes: There are four metal paint finishes available, allowing users to further customize the table's appearance and coordinate with other furniture pieces.

Flexibility: The Switch Design range is designed to be highly flexible, enabling the creation of complex single structure configurations of any length. This flexibility ensures that the table can adapt to evolving office layouts and needs.

Stylish Design: The table features a natural oak wooden leg, adding a touch of elegance to the workspace. Additionally, it offers a spacious desk surface, providing ample room for work activities.

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