Office Chairs

A large collection of office and task chairs. Chairs suitable from budget every day office chairs to more luxurious desinger led chair. Choose from 1 to 3 levers for height and back adjustment. Other features are seat slide

Home Office Chairs

Chairs that won't look out of place at the home or office. Choose the same comfort and feaures like; seat height adjustment, adjustble arms, seat slide, back tension and free flow movement.

Executive Chairs

View a sample of our Executive office chairs. Choose from a wide range of leather and executive chairs which provide a high level of comfort and style throughout. Many of the chairs have an adjustable seat height which helps provide great leg support. An adjustable back is also an option. Choose from brand like Trexus, Luxy, Sokoa, Pedrali.

Meeting Chairs

Meeting-Conference room chairs are available in plastic or upholstered finishes and in a variety of colours to suit your office space. Most chairs are available in different leg styles such as cantilever, 4 wheels or castors.

Office Desking

We have a wide range of Office Desks to suit all range of budgets from small home office desks to large corporate fit outs. Choose from Beech, Walnut, Oak wood finishes and also leg finishes in white or grey, polished or chrome. Consider desk style, desk colours, and cable management systems when choosing the right desk.

Executive Desking

Our executive office desk range provides you with a choice of colours shapes and finishes. Our aim to provide you with options that will enhance your office environment. Executive desks are noticeably larger than regular desks so take into account the area you are buying for. Visit our showroom to see some of our range

Ergonomic Solutions

Ergonomics is a way to work smarter by designing tools, equipment, work-stations and understanding the interactions among office workers and other elements of the system in order to optimise wellbeing and overall system performance.

Home Office Furniture

Develop a well-rounded yet streamlined home office with what M2 Office think are the home office essentials.

Acoustic Meeting Pods

Create a quiet meeting space in your office. View our range of acoustic meeting pods.


Boardroom tables are available in various shapes including oval, barrel, U shaped or simply round. When choosing a boardroom table, we will help you take into the account the room size, lighting, cable management, network points and communication systems that are available in the selected room

Acoustic Office Solutions

Modern Open plan offices can be noisy. There are lots of acoustic products to address noise issues, provide privacy and help staff work in a noise free environment.

Canteen furniture

Choose canteen furniture that is easy to clean and store. In our collection of canteen furniture, there is a diverse range to choose from. Consider stack ability if your canteen or bistro is small. Consider comfort and cleanliness for the end user.

Collaborative Furniture

Collaborative working is the future. It is well know that collaboration stimulates innovation

Training Room

We offer practical solutions which can help to maximise your working space Training rooms


Locker solutions are ever changing with the requirements that people place on personal storage. Lockers today are not merely functional. They can create a social space for staff, a place to congregate and with the vast array of finishes and colours to choose from your lockers can convey your brand message. With many locking options available, you are assured of a practical and effective locker solution.

Reception Units

The reception area is the first area that greets your customers. We have a huge range of colours that will fit into any corporate style. Our reception units incorporate cable management, several storage spaces, modesty panels and PC storage area.

Office Storage

Storage comes in all shapes and sizes to suit virtually any size office. Steel cupboards and filing cabinets are the most popular choice for strength and durability over time. Choose from multiple drawer configuration, 1 drawer up to 6 drawers. All our storage cabinets carry valuable and extensive manufacturer?s guarantees. Choose from filing cabinets, tambour cupboards, multi-drawers, lockers pedestals and also shelving products

Office Flooring

With nearly 30 years of experience, M2 Office brings together a unique range of specialist flooring products, experience and knowledge on all aspects of industrial and commercial flooring. With styles and patterns that can be altered to fit your space and vision.

Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture for resturants, pubs and businesses


View our extensive range of contemporary partition systems including movable walls, full height glass, sliding partitions, demountable partitions, blinds and graphics.

Reception and Break-out Furniture

We have a collection of Receptions seats in a variation of styles and colours available to suit your reception or waiting area. Choose from Italian names such as Luxy to create a unique setting for the entrance into your business.


Choose from desk screens or free standing screens that are lightweight, innovative to partition your office area. This is the easiest and most convenient way to organise office space. Desk partitions provide privacy between employees. Floor screens can be used to divide different business sectors within an office

Classroom Furniture

Our range of modern school furniture is designed to enhance student experience and provide a safe and comfortable environment for learning.

Sofas and couches

Soft seating for offices has a variety of functions. To provide a Break out area or chill out space within an open plan office. Soft seating products vary from armchairs, couches, sofas, l shaped or modular couches. Poufs in all shapes and sizes that can be used for as a foot rest or seat are also detailed in this category.

Bar and Restaurant Furniture

Range of bar, restaurant and hotel quality dining chairs in numerous styles


Accessories include monitor risers, monitor arms, CPU holders, lighting, keyboard systems, foot rests, laptop holders, cable management, height adjustable tables and access rails. All of these items are to enhance the office work environment