Canteen Casala Carver Canteen Chair

Casala Carver Canteen Chair

Casala Carver is a very convenient product. The Handel in the backrest means that this chair is quick and easy to set out and stack, making it ideal for schools, educational areas, community hall, exhibitions and events.

The cantilever structure has built in safety for use by children without the need for safety bars. Carver is the ideal solutions for any venue requiring flexible seating arrangements with a modern character.
Features Brochures Description
  • Grip
  • Range of colours
  • Stackable
  • Linking
  • Various glide options
  • Numbering option
  • Transport dolly option
  • Unique floor linking option

Total Height: 82.5cm
Total Width: 57cm


Height: 47cm
Width: 49cm

Weight: 7.4kg

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