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No wonder people are attracted to Cobra, it is stable as well as accommodating and it exudes friendliness – during meetings as well as large halls, in cafeterias or in conference settings. How is it possible that Cobra exudes so much friendliness? It adapts; to the body with its ergonomic design, to its surroundings with the abundance of materials and colours, it even adapts to specific situations with its many extras like chair numeration and row linking.

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The integrated stacking protection prevents damage to the seat / The armchairs and chairs are compatible and can be linked and stacked together / Cobra is 100% recyclable after its lifespan / The frame is environmentally friendly chromed according to the Chrome 3 procedure / Cobra is ISO 7173 and 7174 Level 4 certified /
  • The wooden backrest is tapered at the top for a slimline aesthetic The armrests are made using the 3D freebending technique. For a comfortable grip, they are equipped with polyurethane plastic Cobra can be easily combined with Curvy and Cello to keep the design consistent The Cobra chair is stackable up to 25 pieces on a transport dolly and the barstool is stackable up to 5 pieces (free standing)

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