Breakout Connection Hive

Connection Hive

An Interior Architecture Product to facilitate a range of activities and purpose, Collaborate with its banquette style booths for working meeting or eating. Multi-purpose meeting spaces with integrated TV and work surface for training and presentations.
Hive's versatility is based around just four modular components; Back, Benches, Screens and work Rails.
These modules can be curved or straight and are available in a choice of widths. Hive has integrated power modules and data points into a number of accessible positions. Fixed or free-standing TVs and displays can be accommodated in a variety of configurations.
Features Brochures
  • Flexible furniture for productive people.
  • Numerous configuration possibilities
  • Optimises use of existing real estate
  • Establishes different zones with no need to build walls
  • Helps enhance and reinforce organisations' brand and culture
  • Integrates power and technology
  • Supports diverse working styles
  • Creates inspiring environments to attract and retain the best talent
  • Enables bespoke design of activity based settings
  • Allows visual, territorial and acoustic privacy for groups and individuals

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