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Crossline Office Chair

Swivel Office Chair

This exceptional swivel office chair is the product of the close collaboration between scientists, engineers and designers with the aim of developing a novel seating system which moves in perfect synchronicity with the human body.
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  • Pre-selectable opening angle
  • Height-adjustable lumbar support (60 mm)
  • Adjustable backrest pressure
  • 3-D armrests with soft-touch covers
  • Seat Adjustment
Introducing the Crossline Office Chair – an exceptional office chair born from the synergy of scientists, engineers, and designers committed to creating a revolutionary seating system that seamlessly synchronizes with the human body's movements. Through a culmination of innovative design and cutting-edge technology, the Crossline Office Chair sets a new standard in ergonomic excellence.

At the heart of its design lies the patented "Similar-Plus" mechanism, meticulously engineered to harmonize with the body's natural rhythms and movements. This pioneering mechanism, combined with an innovative backrest design, ensures unparalleled comfort and support, even during extended periods of use.

The distinctiveness of this office chair extends beyond its unparalleled functionality to its singular aesthetics. The hallmark of its design is the cross-shaped backrest support structure, from which the Sedus Crossline models derive their name. This unique feature not only enhances the chair's stability and durability but also lends it a striking visual appeal that sets it apart from conventional office chairs.

With its seamless blend of form and function, the Crossline Office Chair transcends mere furniture to become an essential tool for promoting health, productivity, and well-being in the modern workplace. Experience the epitome of ergonomic excellence with the Crossline chair – where innovation meets comfort in perfect harmony.

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