Chairs Se:flair Office Chair

Se:flair Office Chair

Introducing the se:flair office chair, designed to meet the evolving needs of today's diverse workplaces. In an office landscape that encompasses touchdown workstations, workshop areas, lounge spaces, conference rooms, and more, adaptability and comfort are paramount.
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  • High-quality knitted membrane in the back and the comfortable seat upholstery ensure the best comfort. The “Kinetic-Swing” mechanism, the opening angle as well as integrated lumbar support complete this feel-good chair.
  • Rotates 360°
  • Lockable
  • Height-adjustable (5-star, 4-star)
The se:flair office chair is a fusion of functionality and coziness, catering to the modern workspace. It bridges the gap between traditional office chairs and snug shell chairs, offering a compact yet inviting seating solution suitable for a range of work settings.

Crafted with precision, the office chair features a high-quality knitted membrane in the back, providing breathable support, while the plush seat upholstery ensures comfort during extended periods of use. The innovative "Kinetic-Swing" mechanism allows for natural movement, enhancing flexibility and relieving stress, while integrated lumbar support promotes ergonomic posture and reduces fatigue.

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