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Hush Meet Acoustic Pod Acoustic Pod

All surfaces in Hush booths that are often touched have been coated with a thin nano-photocatalyst coating that counteracts the development of viruses and microbes. Under the influence of light, both natural and artificial, the coating acquires disinfecting properties. 

Hush Meet is an additional, independent space for your office, where it is possible to hold meetings in silence. Advanced acoustic solutions effectively isolate sounds, and the enclosed form provides a feeling of privacy.


How It Sounds

We test our pods and booths with cutting edge technologies in professional environments. And we’re committed to bringing the best possible solutions to the market!

Open office noise is the volume of blaring TV (~70 dB). Hushoffice pods take this noise and convert into 36dB: a decibel level as peaceful as the sound of singing birds. Inside Hush, every conversation is converted to the volume of a whisper, and can barely be heard from outside.

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Ensuring the safety of office space use is essential. Hush booths have anti-virus coating and effective ventilation to protect you while you work.

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