Chairs Liberty Ocean Office Chair with Mesh Back

Liberty Ocean Office Chair with Mesh Back

Swivel Office Chair

The Office Chair Liberty Ocean is our latest product to build on Humanscale’s commitment to sustainable manufacturing with nearly 2 pounds of recycled fishing net in each chair. Liberty Ocean adheres to our design philosophies, featuring seamless functionality that allows the chair to instantly adjust to each unique user in every position, without the need for knobs, locks, or levers.
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  • Made using 2 lbs of reclaimed ocean fishing nets, the most harmful kind of ocean plastic
  • Form-sensing mesh back and self-adjusting lumbar support creates a customized fit for each user
  • Self-adjusting recline instantly provides perfect back support, regardless of the sitter’s size or weight
  • 15 year, 24/7 warranty
Introducing the Liberty Ocean office chair, an innovative addition to the Liberty chair series that not only embraces its cutting-edge design but also enhances its environmental impact. Building upon the Liberty chair's legacy, the Liberty Ocean incorporates approximately 0.9kg (2 lbs.) of recycled fishing net in each chair, contributing to a Net Positive impact on the environment.

Seamless functionality sets the Liberty Ocean apart, as it effortlessly adapts to each unique user without the need for knobs or levers. Whether sitting upright, reclining, or shifting positions, the Liberty Ocean intuitively adjusts to provide optimal support and comfort, enhancing productivity and well-being in any workspace.

Experience the perfect blend of sustainability and ergonomic excellence with the Liberty Ocean office chair – where innovation meets environmental responsibility for a brighter future.

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