Breakout Se:fit


Movement is not just good for the body. Movement also stimulates the mind. With se:fit, Sedus has developed a versatile standing seat which encourages users to move around and also facilitates agile sitting and leaning. 

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se:fit can be steplessly adjusted in height and easily carried along by its handle whether at a standing desk, bench and where standing seating is the order of the day.
  • Ergonomically shaped, rounded concave seat, with a slight slope and all-round bevel Seat upholstery: Web knitted membrane made of polyamide with 3D structure, two-toned with optical depth effect Model colour black can be combinated with the colour anthracite or red Model colour white can be combinated with the colour grey, blue or green Groove for gripping below the seat to allow it to be carried Height adjustment: Seat height when in use 530 to 800 mm; seat height when not in use 540 to 840 mm

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