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Se:Flex Office Chair

Office swivel with Flex-back Technology

Se:flex office chair is a must where multi-user workstations prevail. Then thanks to the intelligent automatic weight system, it is able to adjust automatically to all users. At the same time, the backrest can follow every movement of the user, resulting in maximum freedom of movement and a healthy sitting in all positions.
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  • Gaslift with mechanical depth-springing
  • Backrest with membrane cover
  • Multifunction armrests in plastic with soft-touch covers
  • Lumbar height adjustment
Introducing the se:flex office chair, engineered to meet the dynamic demands of modern work environments. In an era characterised by diverse work settings and evolving workstyles such as hybrid work and home offices, adaptability and versatility are key.

Designed to seamlessly blend into various office landscapes, from collaborative workspaces to individual workstations, the se:flex chair offers unparalleled flexibility and comfort. Its sleek and ergonomic design ensures that it not only enhances the aesthetic of any workspace but also supports the well-being and productivity of its users.

Featuring an innovative flex-back technology, the se:flex chair provides responsive support that adjusts to the user's movements, promoting natural posture and reducing strain during long hours of work. The contoured seat with high-quality cushioning delivers optimal comfort, while the intuitive adjustments allow users to personalize their seating experience for maximum efficiency.

Whether you're collaborating with colleagues in a meeting room, focusing on tasks at your desk, or adapting to a hybrid work model from the comfort of your home, the se:flex chair is your reliable companion. Elevate your workspace with se:flex, where adaptability meets ergonomic excell

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