Acoustic Pods & Solutions Silen - Four Person Acoustic Pod
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Silen - Four Person Acoustic Pod

Acoustic Pods

SILEN is a product of innovation shaped by its design, soundproofing, modularity and indirect air circulation system. A colour palette comprising over 30 shades allows you to create a space matching your image. Choose the colours that suit you, ranging from the vivid to the more classical and timeless.
Specially designed to improve work conditions within an open office space, SILEN acoustic pods offer an isolated environment for concentration or small group interactions. Investing in acoustic pods isn't just about improving sound quality—it's about empowering your employees to work more efficiently and collaboratively. With our comprehensive range of acoustic solutions, you can create private, productive spaces that foster creativity, innovation, and well-being.
  • Four person pod
  • Three seat variations to choose from
  • Minimal energy and natural resource consumption
  • Walls, ceiling, table and seating colors and fabrics can all be customized to your liking

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