Chairs Alter Office Chair

Alter Office Chair

Adjustable swivel office chair on castor wheels; with mesh back and fabric seat

€195 ex Vat

Alter is a comprehensive range of office chairs, featuring fabric upholstered and mesh backrests, Permanent contact and Synchro mechanisms. The can also be fitted with fixed or height-adjustable armrests.

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  • Fabric backrest: Polypropylene support and shell.
  • Polyurethane foam density 25 kg/m3, thickness 5 cm.
  • Mesh backrest: fibreglass reinforced nylon structure, metal rod (steel Q 195).
  • 100% nylon mesh.
  • 3 Seat: beech plywood underframe and polypropylene shell.
  • Polyurethane foam density 25 kg/m3, thickness 6 cm.
  • 4 Base: Nylon 5-point star base, tube Ø 60 mm.
  • Gas-lift mechanism, for seat height adjustments through 6 cm.
  • Twin wheel swivel castors Ø 50
Introducing the Alter Swivel Office Chair, a pinnacle of ergonomic design and customisable comfort, engineered to improve your workspace experience. Crafted as part of a comprehensive range, Alter Office Chair boasts a blend of sophistication and functionality, offering both fabric upholstered and mesh backrests to suit your preference and workplace aesthetic.

Designed for prolonged use and tailored to individual needs, Alter features the choice between Permanent Contact and Synchro mechanisms, ensuring optimal support and flexibility throughout your workday. Customise your comfort further with the option of fixed or height-adjustable armrests, providing versatility for varied tasks and personal comfort preferences.

This office chair is equipped with soft-floor castors, 50mm in diameter, ensuring smooth mobility across various surfaces while maintaining the integrity of your workspace. The Alter Office Chair also incorporates a thoughtful addition—a coat hook discreetly placed on the rear of the backrest, offering convenience without compromising on style.

Whether you seek a fabric or mesh backrest, fixed or 1D armrests, the Alter Swivel Office Chair harmonizes with your workspace dynamics, ensuring comfort and support for extended periods of productivity. Elevate your office experience with the office chair Alter—a fusion of ergonomic excellence and customizable functionality, designed to enhance every aspect of your work environment.

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