Breakout Bend Reception Seating

Bend Reception Seating

The range has been designed based on a concept of open configuration, with an unlimited scope for customisation which provides a high degree of comfort and different application options. Its simple design and pleasant aesthetic invite the user to seat.

Bend seeks to create unique and inspiring spaces for informal meetings, taking short breaks or making phone calls, all within a collection that draws inspiration from nature. 

Bend is made up of four different units which can be combined and interconnected to create different structures and configurations, including a closed circle with a maximum radius of 85cm. This soft seating range facilitates the creation of comfortable, informal meeting points in a whole range of different workspaces. Bend includes all the elements that are required to cover multiple situations: tables for placing devices on, backrests for greater comfort and small auxiliary tables for mobile phones, taking notes or having a snack. Metal of wood leg options and round poufs on castors.

Features Videos
  • 60cm deep unit. With or without backrest. 45cm deep unit. With or without backrest. 2 symmetrical units with 45cm deep on one side and 60cm deep on the other side. With or without backrest. Straight unit. 60cm deep. With or without backrest. Round unit. Ø55cm. With legs or castors. Structure. Each module has 4 legs made of folded

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