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Sofas and couches

Soft seating for offices has a variety of functions. To provide a Break out area or chill out space within an open plan office. Soft seating products vary from armchairs, couches, sofas, l shaped or modular couches. Poufs in all shapes and sizes that can be used for as a foot rest or seat are also detailed in this category.
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Paulo Reception Seating
Sometimes simplicity is everything. Simplicity in design, simplicity in build, simplicity in functio...
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Connection Ark Reception Seating
The Ark range is an elegant and comfortable statement chair ideal for use in lounge or reception are...
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Actiu Badminton
Badminton is intended as an iconic element within an office. It enables conversation, reading and th...
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Actiu Longo Reception Seating
Longo is a modular system consisting of sofas, operative and managerial desks with storage solutions...
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Informal modular seating system composed by two elements that join. Single seat unit, single seat a...
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Se:works Reception Seating
Sedus has created something completely new with se:works: ergonomic and multifunctional upholstered ...
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Bruce Reception Seating
G’Day Bruce. Our classically detailed modular sofa range. Bruce doesn’t need to shout, h...
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Polly Reception Seating
The Polly collection offers a variety of seating options, all with comfortable seating positions and...
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Libby Reception Seating
Libby is curvaceous in every direction. The tailored upholstery hugs the soft foam creating an extre...
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Norah Reception Seating
Norah is the high back sofa range with a lovely rounded bottom....
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Tessa Reception Seating
Tessa is a multi-versatile modular system disguised as a range of statement sofas....
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Bricks adds an extra dimension to any open space. With this modular soft seating collection, you can...
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Chest Couch & Armchair
Chest two seater sofa and single chairs with high back to give a ‘tub’ shape.  Neat...
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Margot Reception Seating – Sofa and Chairs
MARGOT is the product designed to answer the needs of new and emerging work modes, MARGOT is modern ...
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Sopha Reception Seating
It's not just a gut feeling: according to scientific studies, people are especially creative when th...
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Bend Reception Seating
The range has been designed based on a concept of open configuration, with an unlimited scope for cu...
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Nomad Seating
The Nomad range is a seamless product fit for a culture of shared space, allowing users to manoeuvre...
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Montparnasse Reception Chairs
Montparnasse is an easy chair designed by the French designer Christophe Pillet. Pillet got inspired...
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Shock Reception Seating
Shock is a modular seating system dedicated to contract environments....
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Quiet Reception Seating
Double-sided backrests and armrests and a double backrest height, to create compositions that are mo...
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Font Reception Seating
“Font is based on a simple form with a round backrest, which gives the furniture its graphic expre...
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Sofas and armchairs are the ideal solution for simple, functional decor in any common area: waiting ...
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Owwi Reception Seating
Its design conveys simplicity, formal charge and versatility, to define an armchair that stands out ...
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Hecta Reception Chairs
Fully upholstered for maximum comfort, this luxurious armchair comes with a moulded foam seat and ch...
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The High Back Klyro Lounge Chair offers exceptional comfort and considered proportions in both singl...
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Kulture Capaldi Reception Seating
A modular seating system with (almost) endless choices. Based on simple, upholstered rectangular sha...
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Italian-made AVANA high quality upholstered modular soft seating. Create your own configuration usin...
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Sigma Sofa Reception Seating
Sigma is a contemporary reception sofa range made to the highest possible standard. When used at a r...
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Soft seating in the office space is becoming more popular for a number of reasons. It provides a comfortable area for employees to hold informal meetings, brain storm or chill out. There is a huge range of soft seating products, allot are modular, which gives you the freedom to configure the seating in a way that suits your office and staff. These modular soft seating solutions can also be changed after a period of time, providing flexiability. Couches can have low are high backs, wtih tables or wiring for mobile technology. Loose poufs and bean bags can accopany the modular seating which can double up as footrests or seats.


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