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Welcome your guests with sophistication and style using our curated collection of reception seating. From sleek modern designs to timeless classics, our reception seating options are crafted to make a lasting impression.
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Paulo Reception Seating
Sometimes simplicity is everything. Simplicity in design, simplicity in build, simplicity in functio...
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Tessa Reception Seating
Tessa is a multi-versatile modular system disguised as a range of statement sofas....
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Connection Mae Reception Seating
The Mae range is a collection of statement chairs that are perfect for a relaxed or focused moment. ...
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Connection Peacework
Peacework is designed for users who require a tranquil space to help them escape a hectic office env...
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Connection Ark Reception Seating
The Ark range is an elegant and comfortable statement chair ideal for use in lounge or reception are...
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Sopha Reception Seating
It's not just a gut feeling: according to scientific studies, people are especially creative when th...
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Margot Reception Seating – Sofa and Chairs
MARGOT is the product designed to answer the needs of new and emerging work modes, MARGOT is modern ...
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Bip Chairs Reception Seating
With different colours and leg designs to choose from such as fixed, rotating, or castor-mounted. Bi...
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Norah Reception Seating
Norah is the high back sofa range with a lovely rounded bottom....
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Muse Reception Seating
The Muse range is an intriguing hybrid of a statement seat and a privacy booth allowing the user to ...
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Libby Reception Seating
Libby is curvaceous in every direction. The tailored upholstery hugs the soft foam creating an extre...
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Polly Reception Seating
The Polly collection offers a variety of seating options, all with comfortable seating positions and...
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Bruce Reception Seating
G’Day Bruce. Our classically detailed modular sofa range. Bruce doesn’t need to shout, h...
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Se:works Reception Seating
Sedus has created something completely new with se:works: ergonomic and multifunctional upholstered ...
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Log Lounge is a new product to the Pedrali collection. Log is a collection of completely upholstere...
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Actiu Longo Reception Seating
Longo is a modular system consisting of sofas, operative and managerial desks with storage solutions...
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Bend Reception Seating
The range has been designed based on a concept of open configuration, with an unlimited scope for cu...
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Kulture Capaldi Reception Seating
A modular seating system with (almost) endless choices. Based on simple, upholstered rectangular sha...
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Move On High
“Move On high and low, are two discreet, mobile stools that do not obstruct the room. They work go...
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Se:lounge light Office Chair
The office chair se:lounge light stands out both in terms of its appearance and its ergonomic proper...
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Shock Reception Seating
Shock is a modular seating system dedicated to contract environments....
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Quiet Reception Seating
Double-sided backrests and armrests and a double backrest height, to create compositions that are mo...
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Montparnasse Reception Chairs
Montparnasse is an easy chair designed by the French designer Christophe Pillet. Pillet got inspired...
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Hecta Reception Chairs
Fully upholstered for maximum comfort, this luxurious armchair comes with a moulded foam seat and ch...
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Font Reception Seating
“Font is based on a simple form with a round backrest, which gives the furniture its graphic expre...
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On Point High
“On Point is designed to allow full contact between up to eight people around it, while it’s als...
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Leo Reception Seating
The Leo range is a luxurious armchair and sofa collection which creates a premium and stylish feel t...
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GLOBB Reception Seating
Each seat in the Globb collection is meticulously designed to evoke the fluid and harmonious movemen...
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Owwi Reception Seating
Its design conveys simplicity, formal charge and versatility, to define an armchair that stands out ...
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Opso Reception Seating
This inverted triangular bench is visually eye-catching and will create a lasting impression. Avail...
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Sigma Sofa Reception Seating
Sigma is a contemporary reception sofa range made to the highest possible standard. When used at a r...
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Reception Seating @M2 Office

Elevate the ambiance of your reception area, showcasing your commitment to exceptional hospitality. Choose reception seating that speaks volumes about your business—choose M2 Office Interiors for a warm welcome that begins with the perfect seat.

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Whether you're looking to create a welcoming reception area or upgrade your existing workspace, our Reception Seating Collection has everything you need to make a lasting impression. Explore our selection today and elevate your reception area to new heights of style and functionality. Talk to us today on [email protected] or (061) 303 666.


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