Chairs Opus Office Chair

Opus Office Chair

Swivel Office Chair

€375 ex Vat

Opus, a comprehensive range of ergonomic office chairs. Its mesh backrest adds flexibility to the back support and promotes natural air flow.

Features Brochures Description
  • Adjustable 1D and 4D armrests
  • Adapt to 90 percent of individual morphologies
  • Height-adjustable (+ 6 cm on fabric/mesh models)
  • Optional lumbar support (+ 11 cm; mesh model only)
  • Tilting (40°) and height-adjustable headrest (+ 6 cm)
Introducing Opus Office Chair, a versatile collection of ergonomic office chairs designed to cater to diverse workplace needs. With its mesh backrest, Opus not only provides flexible support for the back but also facilitates natural airflow, ensuring a comfortable seating experience throughout the day. Additionally, within this range, an NPR version is offered, boasting the remarkable capability to adapt to 90 percent of individual morphologies, further enhancing its ergonomic prowess and accommodating a wide range of users with ease.

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