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Puzzle Acoustic Wall Panel

Acoustic Wall Panels

You don't have to be Puzzled while solving acoustics problems.

Inspired by the classic jig-saw shape, Puzzle is a modular set of panels that exudes a fun, playful & reassuringly familiar look while delivering on great acoustic properties.

The traditional image of acoustic panels revolve around a serious, simple and technical device that absorbs noise efficiently and resists frivolity. Puzzle breaks the dogma and portrays acoustics from a cheerful perspective. Playful individuals are remarkable for their ability to adapt to almost any situation. The same applies to our Puzzles: they easily fit in almost everywhere.
  • By combining the 5 key Puzzle pieces, you can build infinite tableau structures or use random pieces in free style.
  • While we take special care of the upholstery and sewing quality execution, choose a combination of textures & colors to acheive a dynamic effect, or create a monochrome combination for a quieter, yet playful look.

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