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Acoustic Wall Panels

Acoustic wall panels are a versatile and effective solution for improving the sound quality in various spaces, from offices to homes and studios. These panels, also known as acoustic panels or acoustic board panels, are designed to absorb sound waves, reducing echo and reverberation to create a more balanced and pleasant acoustic environment.
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Silentum Acoustic Wall Panel
A family of four individual products that integrate perfectly with all types of office interiors, Si...
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Leaves Acoustic Wall Panel
100% inspired by nature. Simply. Our leaf-shaped panels are not only pragmatic, serving its main pur...
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Colline Acoustic Wall Panel
Colline enables creating stunning visual compositions while significantly reducing noise, decreasing...
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Sonic wall panels Acoustic Panel
Sonic panels are certified class A acoustic absorption panels that support creativity. The users get...
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Mix wall Acoustic Panels
Acoustic solutions - mix wall panels...
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Fluffo Web Hexa Edge Acoustic Wall Panel
Available in 2 sizes A classic hexagon in a rather large size, which is why it works best in wide...
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Fluffo Web Dot Edge Acoustic Wall Panel
Size and mounting method compatible with Pixel, Tele, Dot and Caro models. It creates attractive ...
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Fluffo 3D Cube Acoustic Wall Panel
Available in 2 sizes A simple form with great potential for interesting arrangements. Our Cube is...
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Fluffo Fireresist Hexa Acoustic Wall Panel
Available in 3 sizes Expressive, large form. Available in 2 thicknesses – ideal for large space...
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Fluffo Fireresist Dot Acoustic Panel
Available in 2 sizes A large circle with a diameter of 50 cm. It is a form all in itself. Skilful...
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Blocks Acoustic Wall Panel
We're on the starting Blocks to fight your noise. Blocks, our versatile family of acoustic panels...
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Puzzle Acoustic Wall Panel
You don't have to be Puzzled while solving acoustics problems. Inspired by the classic jig-saw sh...
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Acoustic Wall Panels at M2

Our range of acoustic wall panels includes soundproof panels and sound dampening panels that offer superior noise insulation. Whether you're dealing with noise from outside sources or trying to minimize sound transmission between rooms, our acoustic panels can significantly improve the acoustics of your space.

The benefits of using acoustic wall panels extend beyond noise reduction. They also enhance the aesthetic appeal of a room with their sleek and modern designs, making them a functional and stylish addition to any interior.

Investing in acoustic wall panels is a cost-effective way to enhance the comfort and functionality of your space. With their ability to absorb and reduce noise levels, these panels contribute to a more peaceful and productive environment.

Interested in a Acoustic Wall Panels?

Choose from our wide selection of high-quality acoustic panels to find the perfect fit for your needs. Whether you're looking to improve the acoustics in your office, home, or commercial space, our acoustic wall panels are an excellent choice for achieving optimal sound quality and noise insulation. Contact us today to learn more about our acoustic wall panels and how they can transform your space.


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