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Acoustic Pods & Solutions

Modern Open plan offices can be noisy. There are lots of acoustic products to address noise issues, provide privacy and help staff work in a noise free environment.

Acoustics by M2

Acoustics solutions for offices range from acoustic free standing screens, desk top screens, free standing screens, acoustic wall panels, acoustic ceiling panels, floor standing screens, acoustic partitions and acoustic pods. All of these options are available in a variety of fabric textures and colours. If you need expert advice we can carry out an acoustic evaluation to calculate exactly what products you need for your unique office environment.

Interested in Acoustics?

If you are interested in any of these acoustics or maybe you would like an acoustic assessment done in your workplace to pin point exactly what you need please get in touch with us! If you would like to find out more contact us today at [email protected] or (061) 303 66

Maintaining a conducive atmosphere for concentration and collaboration is crucial. That's why our acoustic pods, acoustic panels and other acoustic solutions are engineered to effectively mitigate noise distractions, allowing employees to focus better and communicate more efficiently.

Our acoustic panels and pods are designed to absorb and diffuse sound waves, reducing reverberations and echoes that often plague open office layouts. By strategically placing acoustic panels and solutions throughout your workspace, you can create zones of tranquility amidst the hustle and bustle, promoting a more peaceful and productive work environment.
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