Acoustic Pods & Solutions QYOS 150 Acoustic Pod
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QYOS 150 Acoustic Pod

Privacy Individual

QYOS booths interrupt the propagation of sound, creating a space with reduced noise levels and good sound absorption. This provides a quiet environment conducive to a variety of functions.
Fixed base: Integrated adjustment levellers for easy interior access
These acoustic pods are engineered with cutting-edge technology to create secluded environments that shield users from distractions and ensure optimal sound quality. Whether it's a brainstorming session, a private phone call, or a team meeting, our acoustic pods provide the ideal setting for uninterrupted work and collaboration.
  • Dimensions
  • External dimensions : 155 x 105 x 221.4 cm
  • Inner dimensions: 142,2 x 92,2 x 205 cm
  • Floor area: 1,63 m2
  • Table dimensions: 71,6 x 40 cm
  • Table height: 74 cm / 106,5 cm
  • Door dimensions: 88.2 x 221.4 cm - Reversible
  • Door free passage area: 86 cm
  • Fixed and mobile base: Integrated adjustment levellers for easy interior
  • interior access

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