Chairs Se:lounge light Office Chair

Se:lounge light Office Chair

Bucket Chair

The office chair se:lounge light stands out both in terms of its appearance and its ergonomic properties. The PET felt seat shell is made as one piece and has an integrated lumbar support. The seat upholstery has a comfortable seat pan and is sloped at the front edge. Furthermore, the armrest wings create a lateral finish and allow the arms to rest in a relaxed position. Backrest upholstery is available as an option for additional comfort.
Features Brochures Description
  • Available in two heights.
  • Available in various colours.
  • Ergonomic.
New Work and numerous digital and mobile tools come with a lot of advantages – employees can move around more independently and freely choose their working space. Whether in a shared office or at home, in a co-working space or in the cafeteria, there are plenty of different possibilities. One thing, however, always remains the same: The dream of a workplace that is also a place of well-being. Wherever working environments turn into feel-good areas, se:lounge office chair light comes into play. This office chair unites design and comfort, radiates cosiness and creates a pleasant atmosphere from the very first moment.

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