Chairs Se:motion Office Chair

Se:motion Office Chair

Office swivel chair for agile working

Whether in black or light grey, se:motion emits a sense of dynamic lightness. Moreover, the style is far more than a mere design statement. The perforated backrest not only sets visual accents, but also ensures elasticity and maximum sitting comfort.

The same applies for the ideally positioned lumbar curve and the ergonomically designed seat with slim edges – the impressive looking design ensures both a good posture and mobility.
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  • Gaslift adjustment
  • Flowing, minimalist design
  • Fixed or multifunction armrests
  • Hard or Soft Castors
  • Lumbar height adjustment
  • 5 year warranty
Introducing the Se:motion Office Chair—a revolution in workplace comfort and adaptability, designed to seamlessly integrate into your dynamic work environment. With the Se:motion Office Chair, the hassle of manual adjustments becomes a thing of the past—it intuitively adapts to each user, ensuring instant comfort and support from the moment you sit down.

Embodying the essence of flexibility, the Se:motion Office Chair leaves a lasting impression with its dynamic design, reflecting the ever-changing needs of modern office spaces. Experience unparalleled comfort and freedom of movement with Se:motion's harmonious design and generous opening angle of 23 degrees, promoting relaxed sitting, an upright posture, and enhanced concentration during work sessions. The seat adjusts seamlessly to the movements associated with your specific work tasks, providing optimal support even when leaning forward up to 5 degrees.

Customisation is made effortless with Se:motion's handy changeable upholstery, allowing you to personalise your chair in no time, without the need for tools. This versatility ensures that Se:motion adapts to your preferences while maintaining its sleek and modern aesthetic.

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