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Actiu Efit Office Chair

Swivel Office Chair

The Actiu Efit office chair which has been inspired by the versatility and customisation of young people in the world of work: those who seek design, comfort and ergonomics but with a bold character and a distinctive aesthetic.
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  • Available in various colours.
  • Available in stool version also.
  • The innovative design of the backrest, made from polypropylene and glass fibres, adapts to the movements of the user
  • Built-in back support which helps to provide a high level of comfort.
The EFIT Office Chair is a dynamic seating solution that redefines the concept of task seating. Available as a stool as well, EFIT offers an elevated format perfect for informal yet high-level meetings, fostering collaboration and engagement. At the core of its design is the ACS seat, which ensures balanced weight distribution through innovative polyurethane foam with integrated air chambers. This advanced technology not only enhances comfort but also promotes ergonomic support, allowing users to remain focused and productive during extended periods of use. With its modern and youthful aesthetic, EFIT Office Chair emits freshness and dynamism, setting it apart from conventional high-performance chairs and making a bold statement in any contemporary workspace.

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