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Black Dot Office Chair

Swivel Chair

Swivel chair, four-leg version, cantilever chair black dot always has an activating effect wherever it is used.
Features Brochures Description
  • Anatomically shaped seat surface with pelvis support, seat pan and rounded front edge of seat. Upholstery thickness 50 mm around the ischial tuberosities; 50 mm at front seat edge.
  • Backrest support and backrest are joined together by a dorsokinetic joint and allow significantly increased freedom of movement.
  • Height-adjustable plastic armrests (from 200 mm to 300 mm)
  • Sleek black powder-coated aluminium star base with hard castors
This office chair comes with a dorsokinetic backrest and the new air- and moisture-permeable upholstery provide maximum comfort and freedom of movement when sitting.

The design exemplifies the same high standards. black dot's lines, colour concept and design details give any room a personal touch – whether individually or as an ensemble of swivel chair, four-leg version and cantilever chair. In short: black dot is a milestone of the new emotional office culture.

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