Chairs Light Up Office Chair

Light Up Office Chair

Office Chair with Mesh back on Castors

€395 ex Vat

Most design processes involve balancing compromises. A multitude of different requirements have to be brought in line and not every idea can be realized. What’s so remarkable about LightUp is how much of the original vision is actually retained in the final product, how few compromises had to be made. When I look at the initial design concepts for LightUp, I find that all the essentials are also still present in the final product. It is very satisfying.


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  • The backrest comes in two variants: mesh and upholstered.
  • Two colours of the plastic finish and 3 colours of the base open up design possibilities.
  • Also available as a hocker with footrest
  • Option with jacket hanger also available
  • Consists of a very small number of components and is 95% recyclable
  • Blue Angel certificate - confirms that our chair is environmentally friendly
  • Möbelfakta certificate - a guarantee of durability, safety, environmental care and social responsibility during the production process
Introducing the LightUp Office Chair, a versatile office chair crafted by the esteemed ITO Design studio. Versatility, simplicity, and compactness converge in this exceptional piece, making it a seamless addition to both home and office environments. Its low backrest design exudes modern elegance while offering optimal support and comfort for extended periods of use.

Renowned for its durability, functionality, and exceptional value, the LightUp Office Chair stands as one of our most sought-after models, earning the admiration of customers worldwide. Choose between two variants of the backrest—mesh or upholstered—tailoring your seating experience to match your preferences and style.

Dive into a realm of design possibilities with this sought after office chair, offering a selection of two vibrant colours for the plastic finish and three distinct hues for the base, allowing you to create a space that reflects your unique taste and vision. For added versatility, explore the option of the LightUp Hocker, featuring a footrest for enhanced comfort during leisurely moments.

Incorporating thoughtful features to elevate your experience, the LightUp Office Chair offers an option with a jacket hanger, ensuring convenience without compromising on aesthetics. Embracing sustainability at its core, this chair consists of a minimal number of components and is crafted with materials that are 95% recyclable, aligning with our commitment to environmental responsibility.

Certified by the prestigious Blue Angel and Möbelfakta, the LightUp Chair embodies our dedication to environmental stewardship, durability, safety, and social responsibility throughout the production process. Upgrade your space with the LightUp Office Chair—an embodiment of timeless design, functionality, and environmental consciousness.

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