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Reception Desk

The reception area is the first area that greets your customers. We have a huge range of colours that will fit into any corporate style. Our reception desks incorporate cable management, several storage spaces, modesty panels and PC storage area.
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Actiu Informa Reception Desk
Versatile character. Same modules can be used in different ways to adapt each reception to the envir...
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Guest Reception Counter
Modular and customisable reception counter units.   Guest reception counter top is available in...
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Sove Reception Desk
Sove reception unit is an elegant solution with four wood finish options....
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Illusion Reception Desk
ILLUSION reception unit is the quintessence of expressive and dynamic form. A form that attracts and...
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Libra Reception Desk
The Reception desk LIBRA is a perfect combination of simplicity and elegance.  ...
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Linus Reception Desk
LINUS is a module system for creating individualized reception counters....
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Pearl Reception Desk
PEARL reception unit combines temperament with substantiality. A decisive line and a shiny finish br...
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Block Reception
BLOCK reception unit draws attention with its remarkable appearance, and at the same time it creates...
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Z2 Reception Desk
Architecture purity and strong cohesion between materials: these are the peculiarities of the projec...
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Ashford Reception Desk
Ashford reception has been designed as a modular reception system allowing you to create almost any ...
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Reception Desks at M2

Discover the perfect reception desk to set the tone for your workspace ambiance. From sleek and modern designs to classic and elegant styles, our reception desks are available in a variety of aesthetics to suit your branding and d├ęcor preferences.

Ensure optimal comfort and efficiency for your reception staff with our ergonomic desk chairs, specifically designed to support long hours of seated work. Featuring adjustable settings and supportive cushioning, our desk chairs provide the essential comfort and functionality needed for a productive workday.

Enhance the functionality of your reception area with our operator chairs, built to withstand the demands of daily use while providing reliable support and durability. With features such as swivel capabilities and adjustable height settings, our operator chairs are designed to adapt to the needs of your reception staff.

Make a statement with our executive office chairs, designed to exude sophistication and professionalism. Featuring luxurious materials and ergonomic design, these chairs are the perfect addition to any executive suite or boardroom, ensuring comfort and style for your most esteemed guests.

Interested in a Reception Desk?

Whether you're looking to create a welcoming reception area or upgrade your existing workspace, our Reception Desk Collection has everything you need to make a lasting impression. Explore our selection today and elevate your reception area to new heights of style and functionality. Talk to us today on [email protected] or (061) 303 666.
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